by D Clute

When looking for an RV, size and amenities are generally the principal considerations. When we started seriously contemplating extended travel in an RV, we already had an idea of the size of motor home we wanted (compact). As we planned our “Mountain and Mission” journey, during which we planned to adventure with purpose, we had to consider not just what we wanted in a coach, but also what we wanted to get out of one. At the top of this list was “Adventure” — Lewis and Clark expedition kind of adventure! This demanded a level of accessibility, mobility, and maneuverability that would be difficult for larger RVs to achieve.

We determined a smaller RV would be most effective for the “mission” aspect of our journey, as the humanitarian volunteer work we support is generally organized in residential neighborhoods. It is equally effective for the “mountain” aspect of our journey, as it would not be subject to vehicle length limits imposed on some state and national park roads, allowing us unrestricted access to roam and explore.

Simplicity also guided our decision. Service accessibility for chassis and drivetrain maintenance while on the road was an important factor, especially in remote rural areas. Our coach is built on a Ford Transit 350HD platform, which makes service as easy as finding the nearest Ford dealership.

We selected the Coachmen CrossFit class B for its practicality, quality, cost, floor plan, and amenities. It comes standard with nearly every feature found in a larger RV, just more compact. It also sports adventure supporting conveniences like an on-board gas generator, 200W solar panel, two heavy duty 12V batteries, and Sumo springs and suspension. OK, admittedly, its cool, tactical appearance helped! SWAT team optional!

Of course, there are always trade-offs. Our tow weight is limited, which precludes us from pulling most cars. That was easy to resolve. We decided that if we need one, we can rent a car or use a car service. The more obvious and more complicated consideration for us was available storage space for two adults, including cycling, hiking, backpacking, and camping gear. With the help of some specialized manufacturers, we have installed or applied several innovative storage solutions to enhance our RV experience. We’ll share more on these in a future post!

One thought on “SWAT TEAM OPTIONAL – RV Selection

  1. Great vehicle choice – a lot more maneuverable than the big assault vehicle in STRIPES 🙂
    After living small in your RV, a nice compact retirement home will feel like a mansion!

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